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Child's Play '05/Jack Thompson pulls out of GTA case - Sremag

About Child's Play '05/Jack Thompson pulls out of GTA case

Previous Entry Child's Play '05/Jack Thompson pulls out of GTA case Nov. 8th, 2005 @ 09:44 pm Next Entry
One of the most renowned gaming comcis out there. Headed by the two who go by the names of Gabe and Tycho. Chances are, if you like games, you're a fan of their comics. But in the past few years, they've started some great things. One of their first being Child's Play, a charity for sick children in select hospitals around the world. But this money is not going towards medicine, they've figured that these hospitals get enough of that, instead they buy the children toys and games, because every child needs something to entertain themselves with while in the Hospitals. (I know, just half a week drove me mad! ^^) While Mario may not be as important as medication, for children this is some enlightenment for them, and sometimes, that can be just as helpful.
Consider donating, it would be nice of you to. ^_^

(Miami Attorney) Jack Thompson, has pulled out of one of his GTA case undertakings. For those of you not fully aware of him, Jack Thompson is an outspoken critic of the video game industry, often clammoring for publicity, making incorrect and often ridiculous statements. This could be the last of him we see for awhile. Today is just chock full of good news!

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