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The Gamers Voice

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Sremag is a new community currently in the testing stages. It was built with one ideal in mind, "Give the Gamers their Voice"

What this means, is that if you are a fellow gamer; if you are an aspiring journalist; or if you have breaking news/info on a game, than Sremag is a way to share such info and/or publicize your articles.

Sremag, the name, is an acronym. If you flip the word around, you get Gamers! This is an omage to the guys at Maxis with their Six AM name.

Therefore, anyone, whether their a LiveJournal user or not, has the ability to post.
Think of Sremag as the Wiki-Pedia of the gaming world.

Updates from the moderator, me, are daily (Except for Sundays), and there will be discussions on Hot Topics in the gaming world every tuesday.

Sremag accepts ANY AND ALL posts as long as they have to do with VIDEO GAMES. It should also be noted, that giving a TITLE for a POST is VERY IMPORTANT! While you do not have to, it is preffered, as it helps readers browse through the page much faster and easier.

PLEASE NOTE: It would be very kind of you to think before you post. Posts with explicit titles, words, or emo entries will be deleted.